...our Vision


Our vision is to equip and mobilize young people to live an effective life.

Who we are...

We are a movement that aims to challenge the social norms ascribe to young people. We are a network of young minds, a helping hand when needed, a shoulder to cry on, and a support network that will elevate you into your purpose using the Word.

What we do!

We organise events, provide resources and practical solutions in dealing with various social issues using a variety of methods. These methods can be through:workshops, poetry, music, art, singing, debates and brainstorming sessions.

We are the Change

...Our RoleBCCG

Is to work with young people in ways that are:

  1. Educative
  2. Participative
  3. Empowering
  4. Promote equality of opportunity

Enabling young people to gain the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to identify, advocate and pursue their right and responsibilities as individuals and as members of group and communities locally, nationally and internationally

Spread the Word

We are dedicated to promote positive actives and life styles for young people.

Embrace Change

We develop specific piece of work that focus on empowering young people


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