...our work with young people


(BCCG) Bebrave Community Care Group is establish to enable young people to learn skills and competences they need to thrive in their community.

Our social obligation is to promote, preserve and protect the mental physical, health and social welfare of young people within their community. We provide support, counsel, guidance and assistance in addressing social issues.

We are the Change

...You canBCCG


  1. Mature support for Personal development.
  2. We provide youth awareness.
  3. We promote a positive youth counter-culture in the Community.


  1. Advice and guidance for young people.
  2. Creativity in spoken word, poetry, dance, worship.
  3. The strategy we use to facilitate sustainable employment for the young people


  1. We provide mentorship, training and programs for young people.
  2. We encourage young people to contribute their untapped potential to the benefit of the community.
  3. We organize appropriate events and activities to publicize and promote the cause of Bebrave.

Spead the Word

We are dedicated to promote positive actives and life styles for young people.

Embrace Change

We develop specific piece of work that focus on empowering young people


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