Our Believe

We believe young people can function, grow and thrive in communities, inspiring others to be change agents. Our believes fuels our passion to walk-alongside with young person in order for them to achieve their potential..


Our vision is to equip and mobilize dynamic young people to live an effective life within their communities.

Who we are!

We are a movement that aims to challenge the social norms ascribe to young people. We are a network of young minds, a helping hand when needed, a shoulder to lean on, and a support network that elevate and nurture young people, using the Word.

What we do!

We organise talk shows, events, debase and offer practical solutions in dealing with various social issues. Thus, empowering young people to take positive actions. 

How we do it!

We provide a platform young people can Discover, Experience and Inspire their community. These platforms showcases young people’s potential and celebrate their achievements.

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Meet the team

Vincent Ukueku

Vincent Ukueku

Voke Salmon

Voke Salmon

Orlando Hollingsworth

Olando Hollingsworth

Junior Salmon

Junior Salmon