Diversity day drama

We collaborated with some vibrant youths to deliver a powerful drama highlighting: Dyslexia, Discrimination and Social differences. This drama was showcased at the formal launching of Alliance for cohesion and racial equality in Reading. The Mayor of Reading at that time – Cllr.Marian Livingston congratulated us on the success of the production, and encourage young people to keep on thriving.Contact Us


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  1. Building Confidence

    • Providing the young people with platform to express themselves
  2. Vocabulary (Broadening their vocabulary)

    • Exposing the young people to variety of words and how to use them
    • Encouraging the use of dictionary and thesaurus
  3. Awareness of Social Issues

    • Understanding the impact of social issues that may affect the young people and the community
    • Exposing the young people to issues, they might not be aware within their communities
  4. Team work/Team building

    • Getting  young people understand the role they play within the team
    • Getting them to work together in other to achieve a common goal
    • Identifying their own individual strengths and weaknesses
  5.  Networking and Socialising

    • Providing a platform where young people can build and engage with each others.

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