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BCCG Stands for Bebrave Community Care Group. We are a youth organisation that aims to serve young people and provide a platform for them to Discover Empower and Inspire their community.

Our Aim....

Our aim is to work with young people to facilitate their personal, social and educational developments, and enable them to gain a voice, influence and place in society in a period of their transitions from dependence to independence.

What we offer....

Bebrave offers interactive programmes and projects that complement and support learning in which young people chooses to be involved.

Recent Event

...a Youth Event

Event title: My phone and Me

Event Aims and Objectives:

The aim is to bring awareness of the effect and impact of Social Media on young people and how we can provide healthy solutions to prevent and protect their mental health.

Target: Young people (Youths & Young adult)

Age: 11 to 25 plus.

Accommodation of faith: All faith.

Event date and time: 09/11/2018, 6:30 to 9 pm

We Need You!

We are looking for individual who are into; poetry, Debate, drama, event planning. contact us now by clicking on here

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