Counselling for young people

Several young people are struggling with a mental health disorder; such as, depression; bereavement; bullying, anger, relationships, low self-esteem, and self-harm.
Our counsellor will help explore the problem, the symptoms and provide support and guidance.

The  services we offer for young people and family includes face-to-face counselling, one-to-one phone calls, email, and group sessions. We offer short- and long-term counselling to suit your needs.

Knowledge is power

We believe that knowledge is power!
The right knowledge has the potential to help individual make sense of their world; as well as, assist in making better decisions in life.
We at Bebrave encourage sharing of ideas, wisdom and information with each other’s, as we believe; each and every one of us, have something to share and contribute to our society. We all have gifts and talents; our aims is to help unlock hidden treasures within us, to help one stand-out, and flourish in life. We create platforms and opportunities for individuals to develop skills, promote and encourage collaborations and welcome innovation.

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