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How's your Well-being

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Date: 27th November, 2021

Time: 1 PM - 4:30 PM


Past Event

Our activities are all tailored to impact positively in the life of young people.

Question Time: Mental Health

What We Do

We are passionate about young people and support them to discover their passion in life, and empower them to gain the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to identify; advocate, and pursue their rights and responsibilities as members of a dynamic society.

Our engagement with young people is educative, encouraging, empowers and promotes equality of opportunities.

We attain this through our workshops, discussions/debates and performing arts. These workshops are tailored to deliver training in personal development, provide information in areas of interest, as well as providing advice and guidance.




Equality of Opportunities


We provide a platform young people are able to explore and learn new skills why building on existing ones.


Sharing life experiences is one of the cornerstones at Bebrave. We encourage young people to learn from the life stories of mentors who have lived through situations or life challenges they may identify with and find practical solutions on how to overcome this.

a group discussing the effects of knife crime in the community
group of people engaged in a discussion about mentoring young people


Our coaching programme are highly targeted and focused sessions designed for individual and team development. Our coaches have extensive experience in delivering class room, one-on-one, teams and bespoke sessions.

We Need You

We are looking for talented individuals who want to get involved in poetry, debate, drama or event planning.

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