Your legal Spiritual right as a
Kingdom Citizen!

A believer is a person that believes and follows our Lord Jesus Christ as their personal lord and saviour. This singular act enrols them to become citizens in the Kingdom of God and as a citizen you have Spiritual rights.

Below are a list of these rights:

  • The right to be protected by angels (Psa 91:11) 
  • The right to know the truth about any situations (John 16:13) 
  • The right to prosper in all things and have good health (3 John 1:2) 
  • The rights to walk in freedom from guilt of sin, shame and condemnation (John 8:36, 2 Cor 5:17)
  • The right to be a conqueror (Rom 8:37) 
  • The right to be an overcomer in life (1 John 5:4)